Del. Dave Marsden Wins 37th State Senate Special!

MARSDEN VICTORY PHOTODel. Dave Marsden won the special election in the 37th State Senate District on Tuesday, January 12th!
Thanks to the hard work of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee, Dave’s Team, and all the other volunteers and voters, Virginia has been spared one-party Republican rule.? With Dave in the Senate, Democrats will now have a 22-18 vote margin.? A Senate majority is critically important as Republicans sit in the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General positions, and Republicans have a large majority in the House of Delegates.? This check in the Senate will help make sure that our ideals?such as?protecting education funding, and fair redistricting, will get a seat at the table.

The 37th Senate seat had been in Republican hands since 1992, most recently it had been held by extreme right-wing ideologue Ken Cuccinelli, but yesterday we showed that Virginia Democrats will continue to nominate and support solutions-oriented, pragmatic leaders like Dave Marsden, and when we do we will win.? Dave even won Cuccinelli’s home precinct of Old Mill.

Thank you to all the volunteers and voters who did their part to elect Dave Marsden and show that Fairfax Democrats still have the momentum.? However, our work is not done, since Dave won there will now have to be a special election for his House of Delegates seat in the 41st district, and we also have an upcoming special election for School Board in Mason District.? So make sure to check back soon for more information about both of these races.

You can see the complete results of the race in the 37th Senate district on the Virginia Board of Elections website by Clicking Here.