Fimian Says He’s More Conservative Than Tom Davis

While being interviewed on WTOP’s Politics program last week (click here), Republican 11th CD Candidate Keith Fimian said that he was “more conservative than Tom Davis, but I’m not sure where he stands of all issues . . .” When asked what he was “moderate” on, he couldn’t name one issue.

This is a fascinating point of view. Let’s review some of Tom Davis’ more “moderate” moments:

  • First, we go back to March, 2005. That month, Tom Davis subpoenaed Terry Schiavo and “all medical and other equipment that provides hyrdration to Theresa Schiavo. . . .” Want to read the subpoena? Click here.
  • Second, I attended a Town Meeting in Lorton in 2006 where a teenager asked Tom Davis if he had a clean slate, what is the one thing would he do to change government. His response – an end to tax rates differentiated on income. In other words, a flat tax.
  • Tom Davis supported Grover Norquists’ anti-government American’s for Tax Reform (ATR) repeatedly earning the following ratings – 86% in 2006, 79% in 2005, 95% in 2004, 75% in 2003, 95% in 2002, 95% in 2001…..
  • Tom Davis supported the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and various business lobbying interests 75-100% of the time from 2000-2006.
  • He supported Public Citizen 0%, 0%, 7%, 9%, 24% between 2000 and 2006.
  • Tom Davis supported the AFL-CIO 25%, 29%, 15%, 11%, 17%, 0% between 2000-2006. His ratings from other unions were typically 0% – low teens.

If you would like to look at these and other rankings – click here for Project Vote Smart’s database.

It’s really fascinating that someone could get to the right on someone who favors subpoenaing terminally ill people from their hospice care, the flat tax, was getting near 100% ratings from ATR, and having Democratic-leaning interest group ratings in the low teens.

So given what we know about Tom Davis’ record – what is Keith Fimian aiming for now that he claims to be “more conservative” than Tom Davis – is he aiming for 0% AFL-CIO ratings every year instead of 15%?  Is he aiming for extra credit with Grover Norquist so he can get that 115% rating?

Fairfax County’s voters look forward as more light is shown on Mr. Fimian’s positions on the issues.