The Democrat December 2017

Here at The Democrat we are always striving for accuracy and completeness in our publication. From time to time accidental omissions can occur. An alert reader initially pointed out that certain candidates may have been excluded. Upon further research three such candidates were found. These were Candice Bennett – Vice-Chair Finance, Sean Perryman – Recording Secretary and Lainie Singerman – Vice-Chair Central. We encourage active readers and welcome constructive feedback.
Greetings All,
As the biannual reorganization once again comes to call we at The Democrat are devoting the majority of this edition to it. Articles include:
  • Reorg: how and why?
  • Candidate Statements for FCDC-wide positions
  • Sue’s four years as Chair

  • The International Democrat
  • An Inconvenient Truth: Labor Matters
  • 100% Green by 2050
  • A vigil against Gun Violence
  • Grassroots Corner

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