FCDC Chair Response to Fairfax GOP’s Racially Charged Incidents

Statement of Dan Lagana
Chair, Fairfax County Democratic Committee

Again, we find ourselves in the midst of another racially charged incident at the hands of Fairfax County Republicans. Yesterday, Sully District GOP leaders posted a racist and despicable rendering of President Obama dressed as a jailbird in a childish mockery of the new official presidential portrait.

And less than a week ago, Fairfax GOP leader Fredy Burgos eagerly reminded us of our “duty” to oppose the election of non-Christian candidates, saying we should “select and prefer Christian rulers.”

Local and state GOP leaders, as usual, have been reduced to the Ralph Kramden-like “homina homina homina” gibberish that has become the hallmark of their reaction to yet another embarrassment by one of their own.

We have a better idea for Fairfax County voters.  It consists of four simple words:

Respect.    When Republicans in Sully and Greater Virginia and elsewhere go low, we go high.  Everyone is worthy of our respect and the right to be treated with basic dignity.

Empower.  We will fight for equity to help ensure that all our residents have the chance to achieve their maximum potential and contribute to our collective future.

Include.  No one is excluded from our vision for a prosperous, safe and collaborative community.

Win.  When these values are embraced and sustained, everyone benefits.

Get ready over the next few days for more Republican faux outrage:  “This sort of thing has no place in our party,” and “This is not who we are.”

Well, guess what: Yes. It. Is.   And as far as the rest of us are concerned, we will be guided by our principles and mindful of the great man in the handsome portrait, who said:

“Don’t Get Mad.  Vote!”

We are ready for 2018.


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