Why Vote EVERY Election?

Because not  VOTING causes gridlock, empowers corruption, and prevents fair elections!

  1. Gridlock – nothing gets done: In 2008, Obama won by 13 million votes, 25% more than the GOP! But in 2010, 26 million of those 2008 Democratic voters didn’t VOTE, a 40% drop! Republican voters dropped by only 13%, so Republicans won the US House and started the gridlock that killed Obama’s “Hope & Change.”  That’s not Democracy!
  1. Corruption – dark Big Money/extreme gerrymandering: After losing in 2008, Karl Rove and Virginia’s Ed Gillespie plotted Redmap to rig elections nationally to take over Congress. Redmap flooded dark, unaccountable Big Money into local races in 2010, sweeping state houses and giving Republicans control over redistricting after the 2010 census. Using Big Data, Redmap gerrymandering locked in many more U.S. House seats than the GOP deserved based on votes: in 2012, Democrats won almost half (49.3%) of the votes for the U.S. House in Virginia but only won 3 (27.3%) of Virginia’s 11 seats! That’s not Democracy!
  2. Fair elections: The Democratic Platform declares “Americans’ right to vote is sacred… we must make it easier to vote, not harder…  Big money is drowning out voices of everyday Americans… Democrats support a constitutional amendment to overturn… Citizens Unitedto end secret, unaccountable money in politicsto end partisan gerrymanderingto overhaul the FEC so there is real enforcement of campaign finance laws.” The Republican Platform ignores Big Money corruption, ignores partisan gerrymandering, ignores obstructing FEC enforcement of election laws, and doubles down on voter suppression to make it harder for the younger, the elderly, minorities and lower income Americans to register and to VOTE. That’s not Democracy!

What can you do to resist Redmap and defend Democracy? Sign the We the People VOTE every Election PLEDGE

Your e-mail will only be used to notify you before each election with early voting times & locations, deadlines, etc.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation, which we urge you to share with family and friends, via social media, etc.